She says "shhhh..."


"Some mysteries are better left unsolved..."

My traveller girl V


The last one of 5 traveller girls.
More will come!

See you!

My traveller girl IV


This traveller girl, in particular, can do magic and other things that
you probably won't believe.


My traveller girl III


This traveller girl, in special, was inspired by a real person.


My traveller girl II


This traveller girl was inspired by an old drawing that I made here.
And she's taking a break from the journey.


My traveller girl I


In the past two months I was developing my new serie about some girls who
 are travelling in one long journey to looking for what they want.
They're girls who don't fix in any place or belong to.

And all started with this single drawing that I made last year but I never finished.
Also, It's related with these drawing I had post.
She will show soon in the next post.


Coming soon!

Quiet and silent girls,
did you see them?


Colored pencil 

It's a old drawing that I made for a art class in 2012.
It was inspired by a gift I had won from my boyfriend.



Watercolor and ink pen

It has been a while, but I'm alive!
Another sentimental flower and only one has blossomed.
The others maybe come too. 


Deep Forest

Watercolor, pencil and gouache

It's been a while, but I have a lot of drawing to post~
So, this's the first and I'll start with the oldest ones.
I made this drawing last year and It was most like an experience 
with gouaches and new shapes. 




watercolor and nankin

"Girly Clown"
watercolor, nankin and gouache

"I wonder..."
watercolor and nankin

"4 flowers"
watercolor and nankin

"Sleeping Lau"
watercolor and nankin

"Mimi, the little"
"Lau, the lazy"

watercolor and nankin

Bye, bye! : >

Sr. Lobo

Here, Sr. Lobo
Watercolor and ink on paper

Sr. Lobo loves read.


watercolor on paper and gouache

Some people say that love is one single direction,
but sometimes it can lead you to new paths that you ever have dreamed about


watercolor on paper and ink pen
size: 16.5 x 10 cm

Why are you so sad? Suffer is not for all.

This's is a new serie about grumpy, proud and sad little flowers.
The flowers can be beautiful, but are so incompleted. Like most of people.

When I was young I used to paint a lot of flowers in canvas, but none had faces.
Now they have eyes and mouths, but they're still in silence.

See you!

Sketch bunny

Last year I participated from a design congress in Brasilia.
And I did a workshop about how to do your own sketchbook.
I really liked doing this workshop and make this sketchbook is very easy.
For me drawing the cover was my favorite part.
Here it is! 



...and almost closed!


The view from my desk

Gift from a spider to a girl

On my birthday I won a drawing table from my friends and my boyfriend. 
So in these days I reorganized my work space to be more clean and pleasant to work. 
And to complete, I won this beautiful drawing about a girl with a spider tattoo from tauan g., my boyfriend.
I framed the drawing and put in front my drawing table.

Now, when I want to feel inspired while I drawing I just look ahead.

Porcelain dolls

How are you?

Last month I have had to do a photo shoot with a theme for my photo class.
I chose to photograph porcelain dolls. Luckily I had two dolls in great conditions
and I borrowed some from my sisters.
I never considered myself a photographer, so It was a little hard to do it.
In the end I decided to do some collages with flowers (on photoshop) to be more interesting.

See you!

Strawberry v i r u s !

Markers, poscas, ink pen and gold ink
size: 7 x 4.5 cm

Hi everyone!

It's made a looooong time since I have done my last post.
I was feeling lazy and sloppy in these days. But I'm ok now (I hope).
This is a quick drawing that I made with markers.
The blue face was more an accident (and audacity) than I usually do - but I liked it.
Everything in this drawing was more an experiment.

See you!

Black kitty

watercolor and nankin pen
size: 20 x 16.5

A few days ago I received a lovely present for a friend on DA. 
This is a little present for her to know how happy I was with that day 


watercolor and nankin pen
size: 7 x 21 cm

I made this drawing last year with one piece of paper that was left.
Maybe the girl and the woman are the same or they are two different persons with distinct times.