Christmas Garland


Christmas is coming and especially in this year I wanted to do something to celebrate.

A lot of my neighbors have cutes Christmas Garland in their doors and trees do not fit in my tiny apartment, 
so It was perfect have one garland.
I couldn't buy one (no money and I have to make by myself), so I made the garland with some materials 
I already had in home.

I made a simple drawing with pen nankin and watercolor

The pine cone was a gift from a friend and the pendant
was a souvenir  from a candy

How is looks like on my door

and closer...

The little shine pendant

❈ ❈ ❈ 

Merry Christmas!

Sleeping Lau

Lau is sleeping! Shhh!

Made with nankin pen, watercolor and white ink.
Size: 11x7.5 cm

Lau & Mimi


Today I'll present my two new characters: Lau and Mimi.
They were inspired by the cats that I had adopted, but for some reasons I couldn't stay with them anymore.
But they are health and happy in their new home.

This's a new series about Lau and his friend Mimi.
The esthetic is simple and not too colorfull, just have some delimited colors with the same hue.
I wanted to work with a textured background without too much details.

Indeed, all drawings were experiments that in the end they worked.
The size is about 5x5 cm each one, that make they look (for me) more delicate and intimate.
Were made on paper with nankin ink, watercolor and nankin pen.

Lau, the lazy

Mimi, the little


The real Mimi (black) and Lau (white)


Food war.....!


The recent posts was about my geisha series, but now I have something new to escape from this theme.

It's an old painting that I made few months before.
I made because my boyfriend had challenged me to draw fuits and vegetables  animated and they had to
look friendly and inviting.
It was a challenge to me because I didn't use to do many characters on a frame.

Food war...!
acrylic, watercolor and ink pen  

But in the end was very fun because I used acrylic ink that I don't usually use.
I sent him a challenge too, but he's very slow!  *