New Look!

Miss Purple Cat



I've been lazy with my blog in this past few months...
So, I decided to change the look for a little bit! : )
Every day I find something new about me and my drawings
I feel like I almost there with my work.
To draw what you love is definitely the best way to keep going with art.


Last December my little dog past away.
Me, my family and her spent long 15 years together.
I met her with 8 years old and in that time she was just a loud puppy.
The years were passing by and she grew up and became a mother and later a grandmother... 
And suddenly, an old tired little dog.
It's so sad to go back home after one long year and realized that she wasn't there.
I hope she can find her home now.

In Wonderland

A double Moleskine A3 size version of "Alice in Wonderland".
It's sure one of my early inspirations for me as an child/artist!
I made it for a really cool Illustration class at Parsons in the past Fall.

Hope you guys to enjoy it!