Bunny and the Opossum

"Miss B. reading"
gouache and watercolor

Last spring I made a promotional piece of my work for my Children's book class at Parsons.
One requirement was that the piece should have a background story.
My story was about Miss B. that lives a comfy life in her beloved place,
 but one day someone or something practically wrecks her peaceful life by staying in her house.
Her new (unwished) guest become a nuisance at the beginning, 
but in the end they became (of course) best friends! :>

"The encounter"
(back of the postcard)
black ink and markers

Some of my working in progress:

Wip 1

Wip 2

Wip 3
(Almost done!)

Now the postcards:


Thanks for watching!

California beaches

Last winter I went to California with my family and we visit 
some beaches on our way to San Francisco.
It was very inspiring and I made a few drawings and I also took some pictures.
Here are some of my favorites!

One California beach that I can't remember the name...

watercolor and gouache

watercolor and gouache

Have a nice Summer!