Return and living in NYC

sketch of new york city without  the crowd of people


Many things happened and now I live in another country.
Because I won a government scholarship, I'm living at New York and studying Illustration at Parsons.

It's not easy to adapt to a new language or culture, but It's been an incredible experience.
It was a long and exhaustive/happy Autumn and I hope to show this more in this forgotten blog.

These past months were very important, It was time to change and to have new perspectives
 about everything, also a lot of gouache.

"(No) regreat"

Drawing made for an Illustration class instructed by a very professional teacher.
Gouache on paper.

p s y c h o g i r l s

✦ ✦ 


I'm very busy right now (or always).
Anyway, psycho girls is an old project (from 2010) but I've never finished.
And even now, is not yet finished and has some things that could be done to improve the project.

This project is more complex that others I've ever made,
because they're girls with no sight but a lot of feeling.
And other things.

✦ ✦ 

p s y c h o   g i r l   00

p s y c h o   g i r l   01

p s y c h o   g i r l   02

p s y c h o   g i r l   03

✦ ✦ 



mommy and mama yoko


New drawings with new techniques.
The first is my real mom and other is a bunny's mom.


X Be mine Valentine X

X Be mine Valentine X

Hi, how are you?

This serie was inspired by the Valentine's day that 
is celebrated on June 12th in Brazil.
They're girls with X identities and
all they have a complex love.


Be mine

x her x
her x

Girl's sketches - 2013

Some sketches from 2013.
Some are unfinished projects and others were just for fun.



Waiting for you

Mixed media on Ps

Who's on the other side?
Is there another cliff?

L&M's world

A little bit more about the L&M's world...
In several shapes, of course!





bye bye!

Flor do Cerrado

gauche on paper

Every time I came back home, I can see the digital television tower in Brasilia.
It's best known as "Flor do Cerrado".



Still in the mood for flowers...
With shock pink and dark leaves there's Jasmine
She was inspired by exotic flowers


Secret Garden II - Sentimental flowers


Another contribution for my ~Secret Garden~
This time they are not only red roses.
And of course, they have their own name and style.










Which flower are you?

Thanks for seeing!


Secret Garden I - Sentimental flowers

 • ♥ •

Here you find little roses in bad mood

  • and one smiling little rose

  • and also charming roses!



 • ♥ •

 • ♥ •

Thanks for seeing!

The Pilgrim Hare

"Missing Home"

This's my first (completed) Character Design I have ever made.
It's a story about a pilgrim hare who travels the world for adventuries.
She's from China and lived in an old era.
And she knows how to cook and fight.

Character Design



- framed -

How are you guys?
That's an old drawing, from 2012.
Some times we need to stop and think a lot.