The view from my desk

Gift from a spider to a girl

On my birthday I won a drawing table from my friends and my boyfriend. 
So in these days I reorganized my work space to be more clean and pleasant to work. 
And to complete, I won this beautiful drawing about a girl with a spider tattoo from tauan g., my boyfriend.
I framed the drawing and put in front my drawing table.

Now, when I want to feel inspired while I drawing I just look ahead.

Porcelain dolls

How are you?

Last month I have had to do a photo shoot with a theme for my photo class.
I chose to photograph porcelain dolls. Luckily I had two dolls in great conditions
and I borrowed some from my sisters.
I never considered myself a photographer, so It was a little hard to do it.
In the end I decided to do some collages with flowers (on photoshop) to be more interesting.

See you!

Strawberry v i r u s !

Markers, poscas, ink pen and gold ink
size: 7 x 4.5 cm

Hi everyone!

It's made a looooong time since I have done my last post.
I was feeling lazy and sloppy in these days. But I'm ok now (I hope).
This is a quick drawing that I made with markers.
The blue face was more an accident (and audacity) than I usually do - but I liked it.
Everything in this drawing was more an experiment.

See you!