New place


There some pictures of my recent home/studio/working place.
I went back to Brazil on August of this year because (unfortunately) my days as a 
visiting student in NY were over so I had to move to Brasília.
But the good thing is that I got a new apartment that I'm sharing with my sister and one of our friend.
Also I have my two cats Dindin and Momo back!
I missed them too much! : )

My "studio" is the living room of our apartment that also is our dinning room...
Bigger places are expensive anywhere!
And don't mind about the mess... 

Momicha saying hi!

My current project for Christmas... Need to finish it!

An old friend of an old time

New Look!

Miss Purple Cat



I've been lazy with my blog in this past few months...
So, I decided to change the look for a little bit! : )
Every day I find something new about me and my drawings
I feel like I almost there with my work.
To draw what you love is definitely the best way to keep going with art.


Last December my little dog past away.
Me, my family and her spent long 15 years together.
I met her with 8 years old and in that time she was just a loud puppy.
The years were passing by and she grew up and became a mother and later a grandmother... 
And suddenly, an old tired little dog.
It's so sad to go back home after one long year and realized that she wasn't there.
I hope she can find her home now.

In Wonderland

A double Moleskine A3 size version of "Alice in Wonderland".
It's sure one of my early inspirations for me as an child/artist!
I made it for a really cool Illustration class at Parsons in the past Fall.

Hope you guys to enjoy it!


Love Letter

"Love Letter"
Gouache on paper

Illustration made in the last summer!


Green and gold vase

Gouache and watercolor on paper

It was supposed to be a still life illustration...
But that's fine.

My little obsession

"My little obsession"

I was feeling that I had to upgrade my blog with a more appealing banner...
For me, this drawing was very fun to do it and it had started with
a very simple and not ambitious concept.
It amazes me how color can give such depth and feeling to a b&w drawing.



Later 3 hours... It's done!

Sketches - Spring 2015

Hi there!

Few sketches that I did during my Spring term at Parsons.
Some I used for illustration and animation courses and others just for fun.

Mr Daisy

Singer flowers


Magic girl



My little prince


Waiting for you


Take me home!


See you soon!

Bunny and the Opossum

"Miss B. reading"
gouache and watercolor

Last spring I made a promotional piece of my work for my Children's book class at Parsons.
One requirement was that the piece should have a background story.
My story was about Miss B. that lives a comfy life in her beloved place,
 but one day someone or something practically wrecks her peaceful life by staying in her house.
Her new (unwished) guest become a nuisance at the beginning, 
but in the end they became (of course) best friends! :>

"The encounter"
(back of the postcard)
black ink and markers

Some of my working in progress:

Wip 1

Wip 2

Wip 3
(Almost done!)

Now the postcards:


Thanks for watching!

California beaches

Last winter I went to California with my family and we visit 
some beaches on our way to San Francisco.
It was very inspiring and I made a few drawings and I also took some pictures.
Here are some of my favorites!

One California beach that I can't remember the name...

watercolor and gouache

watercolor and gouache

Have a nice Summer!



I made one instagram account to show my photos of my time in US.
But, of course, also became another social media that I've put on my drawings : >
So please, check it out! 

♦ ♦  

Here are some of my favorite pictures!

Bye bye!