Lau & Mimi


Today I'll present my two new characters: Lau and Mimi.
They were inspired by the cats that I had adopted, but for some reasons I couldn't stay with them anymore.
But they are health and happy in their new home.

This's a new series about Lau and his friend Mimi.
The esthetic is simple and not too colorfull, just have some delimited colors with the same hue.
I wanted to work with a textured background without too much details.

Indeed, all drawings were experiments that in the end they worked.
The size is about 5x5 cm each one, that make they look (for me) more delicate and intimate.
Were made on paper with nankin ink, watercolor and nankin pen.

Lau, the lazy

Mimi, the little


The real Mimi (black) and Lau (white)



  1. There's gonna be stories about them? Awesome job Stela! Your draws no matter what theme are, always have a beautiful and warm side that make me want to know more about your work.